The Artists

Jendayi Dance Company is  an innovative, professional bellydance company, that performs Fusion Belly Dance. Founded in 2006 under the direction of Jendayi, JDC has performed  locally , nationally and internationally including  Atlanta, North Carolina, Florida  and Egypt.


JDC produces some of the most critically acclaimed theatrical productions in Atlanta, GA  and has sponsored events such as Atlanta Bellypalooza, Bellydancers of Color, Revenge of The Disney Villains and Fractured Fairytales. 


With past guests such as Petite Jamila of BDSS as featured artists, their shows are awe inspiring, highly creative and "not just your typical" bellydance show. 


Our mission is to tell a story  through music, movement and costuming. We blend dances styles from around the world- Raqs Sharki, Tribal Fusion, Modern Cabaret,  Asian, Urban, Flamenco, Hula  and even Tai Chi- to bring something truly unique to the stage.​



Theatrical artists from Atlanta and the Southeast have already signed on to the project. Limited spots are available for theatrical artists and dance companies to participate. Artists  will be revealed in the coming months.


This will be a paid performance opportunity with a set of 7-10 minutes available. 

We are still looking for a few select artists to join us. If you would like to be considered for a part in the production. Please complete the form below. 

Thanks! Message sent.